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Sandy Point Boat Works

Welcome to Sandy Point Boat Works


This is the Store portion of our website.  Here you will find plans, patterns, DVDs, supplies and tools made to build all the beautiful boat you saw on our site.  
Even if you have an account on the main site for the forum, blogging and picture sharing, you will need a separate store account here, so don't be put off when we ask you to create a new account.  You can use the same username and password if you like.
If you have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we are happy to help any way that we can.  Enjoy the Journey!
  • Aarons Adirondack Guide boat plans
  • Adirondack Guide boat plans
  • Canoe building
  • Eeros billington canoe plans
  • Father and son Companion canoe plans
  • Irish companion canoe
  • Jims billington canoe building
  • Jinx runabout boat plans
  • Laker Runabout boat plans
  • Prospector canoe plans
  • boat building laker runabout
  • compananion canoe plans
  • green companion canoe plans
  • inboard runabout boat plans

Enjoy the Journey
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