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Building a Wood Strip Kayak DVD Series

Building a Wood Strip Kayak DVD Series
Price: $34.95

Over the years we have taught kayak building classes to different groups.  In recent years, the requests from our customers to release our kayak designs has gone from a low rumble to a loud roar.  The only thing stopping us was a lack of a DVD to send out with the kayak plans and patterns.

This kayak building DVD shows 3 different kayaks being built during the filming, which allowed us to highlight all the techniques necessary to build any of our recreational kayaks.  We went out of our way to make sure we covered not just the basics.  In fact, the portion of the DVD which shows the building of the hull is done on our 10' solo Kayak.  This ia a particularly cranky hull to build becasue of the sweeping curves and tight turns going from the center of the hull to the stems in such a shot distance.  Choosing this kayak was not mistake, it allowed us to show you every technique we have to easily bend the strips around the hull culminating in a beautiful little kayak.

In fact, we put 30 years of stripping experience into this series.  Our sucess as a company has in no small part been due to our DVD's.  We put a great deal of energy into them and the feedback over the years has been very possitive. 

This kayak building DVD series covers every aspect of the build from using your patterns right through the launch of the boat.  


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