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Open Paddle Canoe DVD

Open Paddle Canoe DVD
Price: $29.95

Our "Open Paddle Canoe Building" DVD series is a two DVD set covers the building of traditional canoes which most people are familiar with such as our Companion canoe, Billington canoe, Sebago canoe and the rest of the traditional canoes on this site.  This one DVD set covers all of the topics necessary to build each of these canoes.

Like all of our DVD's, you are brought into our shop where we let you look over our shoulders and try to share with you over 30 years of building experience.

The Canoe Building DVD set is approximately 3.5 hours long and among other details, covers the following topics in depth.

  • Setting up building jig and forms
  • Aligning the forms
  • Stripping from the first strip right throught the last
  • Sanding and fairlng
  • Fiberglass applications
  • Making and installing inner and outer stems
  • Flipping the boat and glassing the interior
  • Making and installing Breasthooks, yoke, seats and gunwales
  • Final fit and finish

If this is your first build, this DVD is a must have for a successful build.


Enjoy the Journey
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