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Rob Roy Style Canoe Building DVD Set

Rob Roy Style Canoe Building DVD Set
Price: $29.95

The Rob Roy is a special kind of canoe and deserved a DVD set of it's own.  Althought the actual hull is built just like any other canoe, the final fitout of the trim and seating is completely different from the open paddle canoe.  The first DVD of the 2 DVD canoe building set is virtually identical to the other canoe building DVD's, however the second DVD of the set shows the building and installation of the fore and aft decks with all of the supports underneath as well as an adirondack style custom built seat and supports.

This DVD set is for the double paddle canoes such as the Little Rob or the Nantucket Sleigh.  If this is your first build, don't go it alone.  These DVD's bring you into our shop where we happily share what we have learned in the last 30 years of building these great little boats.

Enjoy the Journey
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