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Whitehalls and Wherries DVD

Whitehalls and Wherries DVD
Price: $49.95

Whitehall-17-pulling-boat-plansFilming our "Whitehalls and Wherries" DVD series turned out to be quite an adventure.  We were determined to film from laying out the forms to launching the boat, even detials like spindles under the seats are covered.  Throughout most of the DVD, we are building the 17' Boston Whitehall, however, on occasion, we rolled in the 14' New Yorker.  These are absolutely beautiful boats and although they are significanlty more involved than building a canoe or kayak, building them is well within the abilities of the home builder, if you follow the steps layed out in the DVD.

There is over 10 hours of video on 4 DVD's indexed in over 30 chapters so that you can easily find any point in the building process.

whitehall-pulling-boat-14Because of the nature of this boat, we spent a considerable amount of time emphisizing basic boat building techniques which will build a solid foundation for many different boat building projects.

These boats are no lightweights.  During the design phase of our boats we were determined to keep as much of the original character of these classic boats as possible.  When we did make design changes, it was to accomodate modern building techniques and small changes in the hulls to facilitate recreational rowing as oposed to the original heavy freighting these boats were designed for.

These boats handle delightfully, and look beautiful.  

Enjoy the Journey
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