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Canoe Plans

Canoe Plans

We hope you will find our canoe plans diverse and in many cases unique.  Our canoe plans have been sent out thousands of times all over the world and successfully built by people just like you.  Even if you have never built before from a set of plans and have just the minimum of skill, we are confident that our canoe plans and DVD sets will get you on the water.  Our canoe plans range from solo canoes to the large freighter canoes which will carry the whole family and a few neighbors.

Our canoe desings vary because the way you will use them will vary.  If you aren't sure which one is for you then please be sure and get in touch with us.  We are happy to help.  When choosing your canoe plans, consider how you will use your canoe.  Will you mostly be alone, or with others?  Will you be paddling on white water rivers or a chain of lakes?  Do you think you will be carrying gear for a week or need a canoe which is quick to get out in the afternoon after work?  these are all decisions which play a part in the canoe plans you start with.  Or you can just be like us and have a canoe for every occasion in the yard.

Nantucket Sleigh Canoe Plans
The 12 ft., 25lbs, the Rob Roy style canoe created with the Nantucket Sleigh Canoe Plans is perfect to get on the water quickly, without hassle. The Nantucket Sleigh is a 12' double paddle canoe designed specifically for the paddler under 225 Lbs, looking for a lightweight boat, easy to trans..
Little Rob Canoe Plans
Make a traditional 14ft. Rob Roy style canoe with the The Little Rob Canoe Plans. This canoe is the big brother to the Nantucket Sleigh, offerring  a bit more wiggle room. Little Rob is the perfect choice for the solo paddler who wants to be able to paddle on a moments notice.  ..
Bay Hawk Canoe Plans
The Bay Hawk Canoe Plans  are designed for a solo paddler.  At just under 16 ft.  this canoe will take you out for a day or a week. Building the Bay Hawk is likely an experience that you will not soon forget; paddling her is an experience that you will never forget.  ..
Bufflehead Canoe Plans
The Bufflehead Canoe Plans offer a 14 ft., 30 lbs. canoe that is the perfect go to boat to enjoy the water and relax after work. This is one of those boats that I think everyone should have.   Lets face it, every now and then you just want to grab a boat and hit the water for a couple ho..
Chum Canoe plans
The canoe plans are for the 15' Chum.  Chum is a wonderful full bodied fifteen foot wood strip canoe and as most of our plans, were driven by the desires of our customers.  Chum's bottom is a bit wider and a bit flatter than most wilderness trippers offering both an acceptable tripper c..
Billington Canoe Plans
Built with the family and dog in mind, the 16 ft.Billington Canoe Plans layout an extremely stable and roomy canoe. Over the years we have received many requests for a canoe which was designed with the family outing in mind.  Among other parameters, this canoe had to have a great de..
Companion Canoe Plans
Companion Canoe Plans create a 16ft. two person canoe that is perfect for extended trips on flat water or slow moving rivers. Companion holds a sizable load for extended camping, fishing or hunting trips on your favorite chain of lakes or large slow moving rivers. There is no appreciable rock..
Prospector Canoe Plans
Looking for an excellent 16ft, 2 person river tripper canoe? The Prospector Canoe Plans are the plans you want. I first built this boat in the early 80's for a trip on the Yukon River in Alaska. All my research at the time pointed to this design as being just perfect for floating rivers. And ..
Sebago Canoe Plans
The Sebago Canoe Plans create this classic 17.5 ft. wilderness tripper, canoe with enough room for three people or two people and a weeks worth of camping gear. This canoe is a larger version of Companion.  Designed primarily for flat waters, this boat is very stable, but it is a bi..
Bay Hawk Duet Canoe Plans
At 18 ft, and built for two, the Bay Hawk Duet Canoe Plans shares all of the great design features of the Bay Hawk. This boat is by popular demand.  The Bay Hawk is a very popular boat built in over a dozen countries and paddled world wide.  The biggest complaint was that it could n..
Mini-Mo Freighter Canoe Plans
Little brother to the Mi'Kmaq, the 16 ft. Minnie Mo Freighter Canoe Plans offer the same great features and elegant design. Some time ago I had the opportunity to paddle the Restigouche River, a beautiful river that flows across the northwestern part of the province of New Brunswick and..
Mi'kmaq Freighter Canoe Plans
A native of the north woods of New Brunswick, the Mi'kmaq Freighter Canoe Plans offers a 20 ft. freighter canoe with an elegant utilitarian design. It has been some 15 years now since I floated the Restigouche River in upper New Brunswick.  Among the many memorable things I saw on that t..

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