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Hydroplane Boat Plans

Hydroplane Boat Plans

The Mini Most was the very first boat built by this company's owner in 1972.  This father son event left a lasting impression and we offer them here in the hopes that other parents will build this boat with their kids.  In order to accomodate the bigger kids we offer two other boats a bit more suitable.

A little horsepower will go a long way in these boats.

Jynx Hydroplane Boat Plans
 11.5' Outboard Racer Jinx was designed primarily for a class "B" stock utility racing boat. If built as described in the instructions, it will weigh, with hardware, just under 140 lbs. This little boat finished ninth in its class out of 74 in the Albany to New York marathon, and would h..
Mini Most Hydroplane Boat Plans
8' Hydroplane MiniMost is arguably the most famous hydroplane in history as it has been built countless times over four decades. MiniMost is the redesigned version of MiniMax, an equally popular boat for the home builder. The hull design for this boat provides the most fun possible with a 10 ..
X1 Hydroplane Boat Plans
14' Hydroplane    This plans set is for the X1 Cab over Hydroplane. Since We started listing patterns for the MiniMost Hydroplane, we have received a number of requests for a larger hydro of similar design. This boat differs from the MiniMost because of the tunnel hull..

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