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Kayak Kits

Kayak Kits

If you already have our Kayak building DVD, then you know that we have engineered very specific ways of building our kayaks which results in beautiflly made and functional kayaks.  Our plans are detailed and our kits come with the components used in our DVD's.  From the sheer clamp strips down to the coming laminates, we have you covered.

We also offer a wide variety of kayak building accessories to choose from and have experience using all of them, so if you have questions, please contact us and we are happy to give you a hand making some decisions.

Sandpiper 11' Kayak Kit
The Sandpiper kayak kit is for one of our smaller designs.  This particlular kayak is a cross between a double paddle canoe and a kayak.  It is a bit deeper, and slightly wider than a typical kayak of its length.  This is a great solo kayak for the fishermen and photographers whol ..
Blackstone 12' Kayak Kit
The Blackstone kayak kit is for our 12' wood strip recreational kayak. This kayak is short enough to manage easily, yet long enough to gather good speed.  For a full description of this and all of our kayaks, you can go to the kayak plans section. All our boat kits are essentials kits.&n..
Traveler 14' Kayak Kit
The Traveler kayak kit is for our 14' recreational kayak.  This kayak is very close to being  touring kayak, however it's slightly wider body and flatter bottom keeps it in the recreational class.  This kayak is long enough to to gather good speed and travel a good distance in a da..
Blackstone 16' Duet Kayak Kit
The Blackstone Duet kayak kit is for our 16' wood strip recreational tandem kayak. This kayak offers two single person cockpits and offers a traditional kayak experience. There is also a version of this kayak with one large open cockpit called the Sundowner. For a full description of this and all..
Sundowner 16' Tandem Kayak Kit
The Sundowner kayak kit is for what we think is the ultimate family kayak.  This kayak has all the paddling capabilities of the Blackstone Duet, with a wide open cockpit.  It offers a little less storage area, and covered area for stashing away gear, so if longer trips is in your agenda..

Enjoy the Journey
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