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Kayak Plans

Kayak Plans

Our Kayak plans are designed for real people who want to get out on the water and enjoy the day. Our designs are stable, versitile and paddle well.  They are not kayak plans designed to traverse the tip of South America or shoot the waves off the Australian coast.

However if you are looking for a relaxing day on the water or a great kayak to fish, hunt or or take pictures from, then we have the kayak plans for you.  All of our  kayak plans are detailed and the kayak building DVD is an invaluable resourse walking you through every step of the process including many tips and tricks to customize your boat.  We packed 30 years of experience into this DVD series and are very proud of the results.

Sandpiper 11' Kayak Plans
The Sandpiper kayak plans are for one of our smaller designs.  This particlular kayak is a cross between a double paddle canoe and a kayak.  It is a bit deeper, and slightly wider than a typical kayak of its length.   This is a great solo kayak for the fishermen and p..
Blackstone 12' Kayak Plans
Like all of the Blackstone family, this kayak is designed for recreational paddling, possessing easing curves, fine entry and exit and a well defined keel line allowing it to the to track well. The cockpit is wide and long allowing for easy entry and exit, and there is ample opportu..
Traveler 14' Kayak Plans
The Traveler is a bit longer and narrower than the Blackstone offering more stowage and greater speed as well as more leg room for taller paddlers.  Like the Blackstone, it is a very comfortable and stable kayak, and though it performs very well, it would still be classified as..
Blackstone Duet 16' Tandem Kayak Plans
  The Blackstone Duet kayak has all the great qualities of the Blackstone, but for two.  This dual cockpit tandem recreational kayak is very versatile.  Quick enough to travel a few miles in a day without too much effort and still roomy enough to carry enough gear for two on a ..
Sundowner 16' Tandem Kayak Plans
We think that the Sundowner is the pinnacle of a family friendly kayak. While it certainly paddles well, it is stable enough to take along the family dog, a cooler or even sit a little one in between the two paddlers. The long wide open cockpit allows paddlers to move around (with a little c..

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