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Sweet Pea Pea Pod Plans

If you are looking for a boat that you can lean so far over the gunwales that you can touch the water with your finger tips and still not tip over, then the Sweet Pea Pod Plans is a good boat to consider.

pea pod

The Pea Pod is a boat I have been wanting to build for a long time and we managed to squeeze it in over the summer between a number of other projects.  

I could not be happier with the boat either in looks or performance. A good deal of research was necessary during the design phase of this boat, because there is no definitive description or design standard which can exclusively be called a Pea Pod, although, there are some basic character and design parameters which all good examples seem to follow.

The Pea Pod is a stable boat and boasts a very proud history among the fishing communities of New England.   It is perhaps best known as a favorite of the light house operators for taxiing to and from their light house.

For those of you not familiar with the Pea Pod, it has been a New England gem for far longer than I have walked this planet and stories go back a couple of hundred years or so.  The design is typically modified or optimized to perform well under sail or oar.  Our design emphasizes rowing, however it is our intention to fit this boat with rudder and sail as soon as time permits.

Sweet Pea was designed to be built exactly as you would build the double paddle canoe Little Rob just a little bit bigger.  The only difference in the construction of these two boats are the stems and seat installation.  For that reason, it is highly recommended that you purchase the package below which includes the Little Rob DVD.  Seat placement and the difference in stem construction is included in the plans.

Truth be told, We built this boat for me.  I wanted a good stable boat that I could easily handle myself and have in the lake or bay on a whim.  I think this one will stay around the shop for some time to come.

You can see from the pictures that we painted the outside of the hull, while keeping the natural wood interior.  However, if you prefer the look of the natural wood strip, you can by all means finish it as you would any of the other wood strip boats on this site.  When you have seen as many wood strip boats as we have, a little color shakes things up a bit.  For the record, the color is "Pea Green".

(This product includes the DVD "Building the Double Paddle Little Rob" (discounted when it comes with plans and patterns). We strongly recommend that you purchase the DVD with the plans and feel you will be very happy you did!  However, we realize that for some of you this may not be your first time building a strip boat and have given you the option to subtract the DVD from your order. )

Peapod Statistics:
Max width at gunwale = 54 1/4"
Depth at middle = 19"
Length overall = 15'
Capacity = 1500lbs comfortably
Built Weight @ 90 lbs
Price: $165.00

Available Options

* DVD- Rob Roy Style Canoe:

Epoxy Kit 3 Gallons and Tools:

Fiber Glass Cloth (25 yds - 10 oz - 60" eglass):

Canoe Bits:


Enjoy the Journey
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