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River Boat Plans

River Boat Plans

River boats are a special bread.  Some boats like the Peapod will server you well on both calm and running waters, where others like Prospector and the McKinzie are best left to the moving waters.  River boats are designed to be able to turn quickly and pivot in the water with little effort in order to avoide the rock in the middle of the river  Because of the way they are designed, may of them will not serve you well on calm flat waters as they will not track nearly as well as a boat desing for that purpose.  In general, river boats are mostly steered, not rowed or paddled as it is the power of the moving water that keeps them moving foward.

Although the  Pea Pod is the notable exception, it is best kept to relatively slow moving waters. or flat waters.

Mckenzie River Drift Boat Plans
McKenzie River Drift Boat Statistics Hull Weight @200 LBS Length 13 1/2 to 15 1/2' Beam at Shear 65" Water use Rivers 15' River Drift Boat If..
Sweet Pea Pea Pod Plans
If you are looking for a boat that you can lean so far over the gunwales that you can touch the water with your finger tips and still not tip over, then the Sweet Pea Pod Plans is a good boat to consider. The Pea Pod is a boat I have been wanting to build for a long time and we managed t..
Prospector Canoe Plans
Looking for an excellent 16ft, 2 person river tripper canoe? The Prospector Canoe Plans are the plans you want. I first built this boat in the early 80's for a trip on the Yukon River in Alaska. All my research at the time pointed to this design as being just perfect for floating rivers. And ..

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