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Tugboat Plans

Tugboat Plans

Building this 25' Tug is simply a labor of love.  Picture to the left is a working tug boat named Maggie.  If you want to a ride on this tug before you build, then visit the good folks at Anchorlight Ged and Breakfast Lighthouse.  Herculette is not a skiff with a tug topside.  this is a real honest to goodness full displacement design with everything the big boys have (exept the square footage of course).  These tug boat plans are remarkably detialed with complete layout of interior design detailed and measured.

This design was orginally conceived and drawn up by the naval architect David Beach of Maryland.  

Herculette 25' Tug Boat Plans
25' Tug Boat Plans Chrome lovers and speedsters, steer clear of this jaunty craft. But if you’re after a good, honest boat with character—welcome aboard. I have always had a fascination with these harbor and ocean going boats that work so hard. My fascination was even deeper when I saw th..

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