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  • 18' Great Northern Freighter Canoe

    great-northern-freighter-canoeWe are building a new boats in the shop over the winter and one of them is a much requested 18' freighter canoe.  We are going to chronicle the entire process here in our journals section.  The Great Northern Freighter is intended to be easily driven by no more than 10 hp carry a great load and get you up the rivers or across the lake.

    So please join along with us as we build this freighter canoe and if you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to chime in. We will create a category on the forum under "My Boatshed" just for this build.  

    You can find the journal by clicking here!

  • Let's get it straight...

    boat-lumber1Necessity has proved a great motivator to either research or develop techniques which allows us to build our boats. One such technique we had to figure out a long time ago was how to make a straight edge on a long piece of lumber. When looking for the best lumber to fill the need of your boat plans, you most likely will find the wood you purchase may has not been planed or milled straight.

    If done properly, you will find that the technique discussed in this article will rival any big, bulky and expensive edge planer,..... READ MORE...

  • wood-collage

    Which wood is right for you?

    One of the more difficult questions we get is "what types of wood.....?" People want to know what they can use for gunwales, planking, decks and so forth and it is easy for us to give an answer, if you happen to live where we live. But since most of you do not, the next logical question is, "What kind of wood in my area can I use?".

    We get pictures from all over the world, from people who have built boats out of wood we have never heard of. The information in this article is not an exhaustive listing, however it is a great start to avialable wood types and their uses and characteristics. READ MORE...

  • The Great Northern Freighter Canoe
  • Straightening Rough Cuts
  • Choosing Wood

Great Customer Ideas

  • canoe-rim-protection-small
    While working on my canoe today I came up with and idea to make working on the inside more comfortable.  I took a piece of foam pipe insulation and placed it over the edge.  This is much more comfortable on the arms. This stuff sells for about 99 cents a length, 10 feet, and is available a every home improvement store. Just be sure to get the cheap ones for this because you don't want the pre glued type.    Regards, Mark Becker
  • hand-prints-small What a great idea for putting a memory stamp on a canoe.
    Have your kids put their hands in a good quality UV protected paint and put it on after the epoxy is fully cured and sanded.  Then Varnish right over the top with more UV protection.  We have done this many times with stencils, but I wish i had thought of the hand prints.
    Imagine being able to look at your canoe in 10 or 15 years and seeing your now adult childs little handprint.
    Thanks to Ray Wood for this great idea.
  • canoe-spreader-smallI attached a photo of a method I used to spread the canoe back to 32" that is very easy and quick.
    Basically, I reverse an Irwin clamp and use it as a spreader. It worked great and only takes a minute so I thought you might be interested.
    Thanks again for all your help and have a great Christmas!

    Scott Fredrick

    Thanks Scott, this is a great way to keep scratches off the hull while spreding it for the yoke and breasthooks.  Jack

  • Protecting Your Arms
  • Hand Print Heirloom
  • Spreading The Hull

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