Building a Lake Runabout Boat
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"Side by Side"

In a recent launching, Dennis from Belgium sent in some pictures of his finished 16' runabout which came out simply beautiful as you can see.  Dennis let us know that he had been taking pictures during his entire building process.  We are all fortunate that he has made them available here for everyone to learn from.   The boat you see being built here is from plans from Sandy Point Boat Works and you can find them here on this site.

Now let me warn you that Dennis is a technical kind of guy with access to some pretty nifty CNC equipment. So, some of the early info such as making on-trailerthe frames and strongback will seem a bit foreign to us traditional wooden boat builders.  However that is what this site is all about.  The celebration of peoples unique talents and expertise.  For those of you who are new to this, let me assure you that the tried and true wooden building jig and using patterns to make your frames works just fine.  However, if you do have access to CNC equipment, and a bit of metal in your blood, then by all means take advantage of that.

The following pictures and descriptions are a journal of his journey.  Thanks again for sharing with us Dennis.