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Boat Building DVDs

Boat Building DVDs

Over the years, we have found that nothing contributes to our customers success more than our DVDs.

Our DVD sets range from 3 1/2 hours long to over 10 hours depending on how intricate the boat building process is for the boat style they were filmed for.  We pack decades of experience into our DVD productions to make sure you are successful and when finished have somethign you can be proud of for years to come.

We believe our boat building DVDs are the best available and think you will as well.

Open Paddle Canoe DVD
Our "Open Paddle Canoe Building" DVD series is a two DVD set covers the building of traditional canoes which most people are familiar with such as our Companion canoe, Billington canoe, Sebago canoe and the rest of the traditional canoes on this site.  This one DVD set covers all of the topi..
Building a Wood Strip Kayak DVD Series
Over the years we have taught kayak building classes to different groups.  In recent years, the requests from our customers to release our kayak designs has gone from a low rumble to a loud roar.  The only thing stopping us was a lack of a DVD to send out with the kayak plans and patter..
Whitehalls and Wherries DVD
Filming our "Whitehalls and Wherries" DVD series turned out to be quite an adventure.  We were determined to film from laying out the forms to launching the boat, even detials like spindles under the seats are covered.  Throughout most of the DVD, we are building the 17' Boston Whitehal..
Decked Canoe Building DVD
We produced this 2 DVD set specifically for our customers who wish to build the Bay Hawk series of double paddle canoes.  These canoes are have a great deal of detail not present on typical traditional canoes or Rob Roy style canoes. Like our other canoe DVD's the actual hull building is..
Rob Roy Style Canoe Building DVD Set
The Rob Roy is a special kind of canoe and deserved a DVD set of it's own.  Althought the actual hull is built just like any other canoe, the final fitout of the trim and seating is completely different from the open paddle canoe.  The first DVD of the 2 DVD canoe building set is virtua..

Enjoy the Journey
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